April 2004

Fellini News Update #7

  • April 28, 2004

I can't seem to escape Fellini. He's everywhere! Just two nights after the TCM broadcast of La Dolce Vita (and others) on, "A Night with Fellini", there's Uncle Junior on The Soprano's complaining that, "This movie makes no sense, even with sub-titles!". There in the background on Junior's TV set is Mastroianni, anguishing away in black and white. (For those interested, the show is in repeats all this week.)

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Fellini News Update #8

  • April 6, 2004

There has been little Fellini news to report of late with one notable exception. The Criterion Collection has announced the upcoming release of Fellini's I Vitelloni on DVD. This is great news, as most of us have seen only worn out prints this 1953 film. I Vitelloni (aka, The Spivs in the UK and The Young and the Passionate stateside) won the Silver Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival and gave Fellini his first international exposure.

As everyone knows, The Criterion Collection can be counted on for peerless restoration, insightful commentary and interesting "extras". The Don Young Felliniana Archive is honored to have been invited to contribute to this DVD, by providing original stills, posters and other memorabilia to Criterion for use in a "stills gallery" on the disc.

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