February 2005

Fellini News Update #13

  • February 22, 2005

1) Happy Birthday Giulietta Masina

First and foremost, February 22, is the birthdate of Giulietta Masina, aka: Mrs. Fellini, aka: Gelsomina, Cabiria, Ginger, et al., aka: La Maisna. Her career was pretty much defined by her work with Federico. She appeared in eight of his films. Although she won numerous awards for her acting across Europe, it was only the films that won Academy Awards. Both La Strada (which was the first ever film to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Film) and Nights of Cabiria won Oscars and both are difficult to imagine without Masina's inspired acting. She was certainly as deserving of those golden stauettes as much as her director.

With that in mind, I propose a toast in hommage to and in memory of La Masina. Cheers!

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