Fellini News Update #1

  • January 31, 2003

I just discovered this website about the re-release of a restored I Vitelloni, from Kino International, coming soon to a big screen near you. There are rumours of a Criterion DVD release in 2004.

In other news, Fellini AMARCORD, the magazine of the Fellini Foundation in Italy has a wonderful new 231 page issue reporting on the recent Fellini conference in Rimini. It is available from Cineaste out of NYC for $25. a copy. For Felliniophiles, it is indispensable, and worth it. Past issues of equal interest are also available. Please mention DonYoung Felliniana Archive if you order. Ask for Gary Crowdus at Cineaste.

One last note: January 20th is Fellini's birthdate, and an appropriate time to celebrate his life and work. Salud!

Look for continuing Fellini news as I discover it. Please feel free to share any Fellini news, comments and opinion in this forum.

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