Fellini News Update #2

  • December 3, 2003

In case you have forgotten..., today, 12/03/03, is Nino Rota's birthdate. A good excuse (if you need one) to pull out your records, CD's, reel-to-reel's, whatever of Fellini film soundtracks, and enjoy the music of the other maestro.

From the sweet, classic melodies of La Strada and Amarcord, the jazzy pop of Night's of Cabiria and Juliet of the Spirits to the booming dissonance of Orchestra Rehearsal and Casanova, there is something for every mood and everybody.

In my view, the films would simply not have their magical appeal without the Rota touch. An essential ingredient would be missing. He was able to set a mood, enhance emotional reponse or simply bridge different scenes together with his inimitable, quirky melodies.

Fellini was often at his side, humming a little spark, that Nino would fan into a musical flame. Their unique collaboration left us with a rich and varied treasure for our ears, minds and hearts. Rota's influence on other musicians and composers is widespread to this day. Two examples include Orchestra Nostalgico, who performed at Felliniana, and the performers on a brand new CD titled, Fellini Jazz, which I recommend highly.

Let's drink a toast and express our "salud's!" to the magical music of Nino Rota!