Fellini News Update #21

  • March 19, 2013

Fellini Day X 2

January 20 is the 93rd anniversary of Federico Fellini's birth. Buon compleano, my dear departed friend!

Fellini and his "women" on the set of 8 1/2, 1962.

The year 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Fellini's timeless film masterpiece, 8 1/2 (Otto e Mezzo). The film opened in Italy on Feb. 14, 1963 and in the US on June 26, 1963, to mostly rave reviews (with a couple of notable exceptions.) It continues to rank high on Sight & Sounds Greatest Films list.

The cast of characters is unforgettable from Marcello Mastroianni as Guido to Barbara Steele as Gloria to Edra Gale as La Saraghina to Mario Pisu as that crazy Mezzabotta to the graceful Caterina Boratto as a "Fashionable Woman." Oh, and Claudia Cardinale, Sandra Milo and Anouk Aimee also star. Every character is a joy to watch. It's a circus maximus!

For the 50th anniversary, Corinth Films has re-released the film in 35mm and HD formats. Anniversary screenings are popping up all over the world. Be watching for one in your town. Check out the Corinth website here:

Buy a 27" x 40" 50th anniversary poster here:

The original, 1963 posters distributed by the studio for 8 1/2 are rare and coveted by collectors but they are kind of bland and not nearly as creative as some of the art prints pictured below. Enjoy!

Cool art print by Matt Needle Design:

Poster of unknown origin.

Art print by Brandon Schaefer

Art print by Matt Chase.

Art print. Artist unknown.

Funny art print by Jett.

Art poster. Artist unknown.

Artist/Illustrator unknown.

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