Fellini News Update #3

  • January 20, 2004

Tuesday, January 20, is Fellini’s birth date. At our house here in Fort Worth, Texas, we have a tradition of inviting friends over for a celebration on or around this date. Italian snacks are served, the walls are covered with posters, lots of vino is available and a film showing. We always invite invite some younger folks and turn them on to the Maestro’s magic.

Last Saturday night was no exception. I chose ROMA this year not only because it’s a crowd pleaser, but because Frank Burke told me in Seattle that it was his favorite Fellini film. I also screened the Fellini TV commercials for my enthusiastic crowd. A grand time was had by all.

In other Fellini news, the soundtrack for Toby Dammit is now available for the first time. (Who can forget the soulful voice of Ray Charles crooning, Ruby!) This wonderful Nino Rota score is included on a special CD with Satyricon (first time on CD) and Roma. Additional music not on the original LP’s is included, as well. More info available at GDM Music. Available at Amazon.com and elsewhere.

I have not seen it yet, but I understand that there is an article about Fellini in the February, 2004, issue of O. That is the Oprah Winfrey mag. Can’t imagine what the angle might be.

And finally, I still have plenty of my Fellini La Strada, 50th Anniversary 2004 Calendars, available. This is a limited edition of 25. Each one has 15 rare images from the film digitally reproduced in full color from the Don Young Felliniana Archive. They are $30. each, including shipping, which is exactly my cost to produce them.