Fellini News Update #9

  • August 19, 2004

If you happen to find yourself in London during August and September 2004, you will have 34 opportunities to view Fellini's Amarcord. 28 showings of I Vitelloni, a paltry 10 for 8 1/2 and at least a few showings of all the other Fellini films plus several documentaries and other goodies. The National Film Theatre presents this extraordinary event. You can read all about it at bfi.org.

You can also read two related articles online, from the new issue of Sight and Sound at the BFI website: Why Fellini, by Philip Kemp and Late Fellini: A Clown With Wrinkles, by Guido Bonsaver. Well done on both accounts.

In other news...

I finally received my eagerly anticipated advance copy of the new Criterion DVD release of, I Vitelloni. It exceeds my expectations! The image/sound quality is, as new. The interviews with Leopoldo Trieste, Franco Interlenghi, Tullio Kezich, Vincenzo Mollica and others are enlightening and humorous. For me, it was most gratifying to see many examples from The Don Young Felliniana Archive included on the disc. It was my great pleasure and honor to work with Issa Clubb at Criterion. Highly recommended.

The new issue of AMARCORD from the Federico Fellini Foundation in Rimini is chock full of insightful essays. It is essential reading for Fellini scholars. Editor in Chief, Vittorio Boarino, is also featured in the interview section of the I Vitelloni DVD. Available in the USA from cineaste.com.

Congratulations to Peter Bondanella for the recent publication of his new book, Hollywood Italians: Dagos, Palookas, Romeos, Wise Guys and Italians. The book received a nice little notice in The Dallas Morning News last week. I'm still waiting for my free review copy...

Alberto Farina, who delivered the essay on Fellini TV commercials at the Felliniana Conference, has informed me that Amarcord Birra is now available. As I understand, it comes in four flavors featuring four vaguely recognizable feminine characters from the film on the colorful labels. Unfortunately, it's not available in the USA. Read more here.

Some of the interesting things I learned by reading, news.cinecitta.com: 7/04- Casting is underway in Venice for the film, Casanova, by...Disney! Directed by Lasse Halstrom (Chocolat) and starring Heath Ledger as Casanova, the film is reportedly suitable for family viewing. This sure ain't Fellini's Casanova!...12/03- Director Paul Mazursky has filmed a documentary, Fellini in New York, which describes a film Fellini planned to shoot there starring Marcello Mastroianni. It was to be shown at the Guggenheim in NYC last year....Another documentary titled, Il Mysterioso di F. Fellini, focussing on Mastorna was also to have played the Guggenheim.  Has anyone out there seen these documentaries?

Finally, the Fellini News Update is intended to be an open forum. Your input and comments are invited. If you have Fellini news or commentary, please share it with us. It can get lonesome out here on the cyber-prairie. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list please advise.

One last thing...The Don Young Felliniana Archive is not directly affiliated with the Felliniana Conference held at the University of Washington in October 2003. The similarity of names is coincidential.

One last thought...Speaking of the UW, with September just around the corner, can we expect to finally see the documentary of the Felliniana Conference released on DVD? And what be the latest news on publication of the Felliniana papers? Stay tuned...