The Don Young Felliniana Archive began in 1994, with the purchase of a single poster from a dealer in San Francisco. It was a U.S 1-sheet from the 1973 film, Amarcord. As of January,2005 the archive, the largest privately owned Fellini archive, consists of over 5,000 items related to Fellini and his 24 films.

Included in the collection are roughly 300 vintage Fellini posters from over 20 countries, including extremely rare Russian and eastern European artifacts; rare promo materials such as pressbooks, stills, programs and lobby cards; dozens of rare soundtrack recordings and little-seen video footage; and a large selection of vintage magazines and newspapers from all over the world which feature forgotten and insightful Fellini interviews, as well as one of the most complete libraries on the life and work of the Maestro, most of which are extremely rare and out of print.

My fascination with all things Fellini began with a chance viewing of Juliet of the Spirits, in a marijuana-smoke-filled art house in Fort Worth Texas. I was 19 years old and had no idea who Fellini was, nor did I know anything about the complex nature of the film. Nevertheless, like many others at the time, I was mesmerized by the striking images flashing on the big screen. The magic of Fellini had taken another captive.

Why such an obsession with Fellini and how did it lead to such an enormous collection? The films, of course are at the root of my interest. The touching and often humorous stories and the fantastic imagery struck a chord with me unlike any other director's work. That interest begat a desire to learn more of the man behind the films. Thus, the book collection began. The movie poster graphics, often as arresting as the films, appealed to the art lover/collector in me. What better way to decorate my home and studio? And of course, my life would not be complete without the music of Nino Rota. Once again, the collection grew as I located the various soundtracks and related recordings.

The truth is that I'm a born collector. And like all collectors, the best part of collecting is sharing it all with an appreciative audience.

Don Young
September 23, 2003