Having the worlds largest collection of Fellini artifacts and a willingness to share them with the world tends to draw attention from the press and create some unique opportunities. Read all about it.

La Strada in Cowtown

In 2002, Tony Medlin, a guest director of the renowned Hip Pocket Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas, adapted Fellini's La Strada for the stage. He invited me to a rehearsal where I shared my insights into the characters and backstory of La Strada with the stage actors. I also provided facsimiles of some La Strada posters and photos from the archive to be used in the theatre "lobby". That collaboration led to interviews with the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Dallas Morning News, who did articles on the archive and my fascination with all things Fellini. Both of those articles are reproduced here, along with other press reports. Read more about The Hip Pocket Theatre here:

Here is the scanned text of a August 18, 2002 interview and story by Mark Lowry. Photos by Roger Mallison

Star-Telegram Article - Part 1
Star-Telegram Article - Part 2
Star-Telegram Article - Part 3

Felliniana: Seattle 2003

In August of 2002, after a tip from Peter Bondanella about an upcoming Fellini event, I sent a letter to Professor Raimonda Modiano at the University of Washington who was organizing an academic conference in celebration of Fellini. (Officially known as "Felliniana: Seattle's International Celebration of Federico Fellini's Cultural Legacy") I expressed my interest in participating in the October 2003 conference. At Prof. Modiano's invitation, I sent a selection of original posters from my collection to be displayed at the Seattle Art Museum for a Fellini film festival prior to the conference. Read more about this important conference here:

Additionally, through a bizarre chain of events, I was able to make a very special contribution to the Seattle conference, by arranging for actress Barbara Steele of Fellini's 8 1/2 to attend. (After the purchase of a Fellini book on Ebay, I discovered the seller was a close friend of Ms. Steele. One thing led to another and she accepted my invitation to attend the conference.) She gave a delightful talk at the opening gala on, The Muse of 8 1/2, and later, during an informal screening of the film, she shared some of her intimate recollections of working for Fellini on the film. Read more about Ms. Steele at these two websites:

It was also my great pleasure to suggest to conference organizers that they invite Orchestra Nostalgico of San Francisco, to perform at the opening gala. The band (formerly known as Club Foot Orchestra) has recorded a delightful CD of Nino Rota music from Fellini films which they skillfully performed that evening. They also performed a set of music specially arranged for Orchestra Nostalgico by Nicola Piovani, who composed the music for three, late Fellini films. Read more about the band and purchase their masterful CD of Nino Rota music at their web site:

Fellini Ungrateful Celebration

A documentary film of the 2003 Seattle conference that poses the question, "If Fellini were alive would he have attended and would he have enjoyed it?" is now available on DVD. Produced and directed by Eric Burritt with assistance from Wendy Durant, this engaging film explores Fellini the man and film maker from every conceivable angle. An international array of film scholars, critics, professors, and film lovers offer their thoughts and opinions in a series of carefully crafted interviews conducted at the University of Washington on the 10th anniversary of Fellini's passing. Actress Barbara Steele who starred in 8 1/2 and Gianfranco Angelucci who worked directly with Fellini are among the notable participants. Read and see more at the official website:

I Vitelloni

In April of 2004, The Don Young Felliniana Archive was asked by The Criterion Collection to provide memorabilia for the October 2004 release of a fully restored DVD of Fellini's early classic, I Vitelloni. The poster gallery, an "extra" on the disc, contains approximately 50 images from the collection. Included are rare posters, pressbooks, and stills from several countries. Follow this link to read more at the Criterion web site:

Fort Worth Weekly

Here is a link to a November 4, 2004 article in the Fort Worth Weekly about the Felliniana Collection. Interview and story by Jimmy Fowler. Photograph of Don Young by Scott Latham.

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Dallas Morning News

Here is the scanned text of a August 21, 2002 interview and story by Tom Sime. Photos by Randy Eli Grothe.

Dallas Morning Article - Part 1

Dallas Morning Article - Part 2